A1 (8X) – Enable Hill Start Assist

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A1 (8X) – Enable Hill Start Assist

Function to be activated via VCDS - VAG-COM software

Description of the option:

Activates Audi Hill Start Assist.

The Audi Hill Start Assist is a hill start assistant. If you hold down the brake pedal for a while when the vehicle is stationary, brake pressure is retained for a few seconds after releasing the brake pedal, making it easier to start on a hill.

Attention: Not to be confused with the Audi Hold Assist button which keeps the vehicle stationary uphill and downhill for as long as desired. If the vehicle remains stationary for a long period, the system automatically switches to the electromechanical brake.


[03 – ABS brakes] -> [Coding- 07] -> [Long Coding Wizard]

Byte 16: 
Bit 0: Check “Hill Hold Control (HHC/PR-UG1/UG4) active/installed”


[03 – ABS brakes] -> [Adaptation – 10] -> channel 58 (select Hill Hold Control from the drop-down list)

Change the value with 0, 1 or 2
0: “normal” Hill Hold Control (HHC)
1: Hill Hold Control (HHC) “early” (starting takes place with less acceleration)
2: Hill Hold Control (HHC) "late" (starting takes place with greater acceleration)


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