A5 (8T) Facelift – Enable DVD playback while driving (VIM)

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A5 (8T) Facelift – Enable DVD playback while driving (VIM)

Function to be activated via VCDS - VAG-COM software

Description of the option:

Allows you to remove the MMI protection and be able to continue watching a DVD while driving

Step 1: Retrieving the MMI 3GP serial number

[5F-Electr. Data] -> [Advanced ID -1A] 

Retrieve serial number 


Step 2: Calculation of the security code

Enter the serial number previously retrieved in the field below and click on “Generate”.
This will display your security code.
An alternate security code is also generated.

(Use the alternate security code, if the first code does not work)


Step 3: Enter the security code

[5F-Electr. Data] -> [Secure Access -16]

Enter the security code


Step 4: Remove protection

[5F-Electr. information] -> [Adaptation -10] -> Channel 48

Set value to 255

Step 5: Restarting the MMI

Simultaneously press MENU + Wheel + Upper right button

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