Detailed tutorial: Coding inactive functions and adding options on a BMW F2x with E-SYS

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Detailed tutorial: Coding inactive functions and adding options on a BMW F2x with E-SYS



This comprehensive tutorial walks you through the steps needed to code your BMW F2x with E-SYS, software for changing various parameters of your vehicle. Although the focus is on F2x, the steps are similar for other E-SYS compatible BMW models.


Attention: Coding directly modifies your vehicle's programming. Follow the instructions carefully and be aware of the potential risks. Neither BMW nor the author is responsible for any problems.



Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  • Computer : PC or MAC with E-SYS installed.
  • Cable : ODB II cable compatible with your BMW F2x.
  • Software : E-SYS and PSdZData versions compatible with your vehicle.
  • List of options: List of codable options for your F2x model (consult specialized forums or the E-SYS documentation).
  • List of proven codings: List of tested and approved codings.
  • Knowledge : Basic knowledge of computers and automotive electronics is recommended.


Preliminary checks

  1. Vehicle connection: Connect the ODB II cable to your vehicle's ODB II jack (under the footrest) and the other end to your computer's Ethernet port. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine. Windows should report "Limited or no connectivity". Run "ZGW_SEARCH" in "EDIABAS\Hardware\ENET". If your computer and vehicle are able to communicate, you should see a message confirming the connection.
  2. E-SYS version: Start E-SYS, connect to your vehicle and select "VCM" from the left menu. Click "Read" in the "VCM Master" tab. Note the "I-Step (current)" value. If the value is lower than F020-13-03-501, you will need E-SYS 3.22.5 minimum with PSdZData 49.1.


Coding with E-SYS

Example: Activation of the Start&Stop memory


This example illustrates the coding of a simple function. The coding of other functions may differ.

  1. Saving current settings: In E-SYS, select "Coding" then "Read (VCM)" in "SVT Actual". Right-click each line with a "•" and select "Read Coding Data" to save the current state of the modules. Do not close E-SYS. Copy the "CAF" directory (C:\ESysData\CAF) to a safe location to keep a backup of your original settings.
  2. Selection of the module to code: In "FEM_BODY", locate the "CAFD_00" directory. Right click on the "CAFD_00" file and select "Edit FDL".
  3. Changing settings: Find the setting you want to change. In this example, search for "TCM_MSA_MEMORY". Right-click on “nicht aktiv” and select “Edit”. Select "active". Save the changes and close the window.
  4. Activating changes: In "Vehicle Order", click "Read". Right-click on the “FA” directory and select “Activate FA”. Check that there are no errors. Click “FDL Code” to start coding. Wait for the process to complete.
  5. Disconnecting from the vehicle: Once coding is complete, disconnect the vehicle by clicking the “Disconnect” button in E-SYS.



  • Be careful when changing settings. Errors can cause vehicle malfunctions.
  • For more information on coding specific to your F2x, consult specialized forums and the E-SYS documentation.
  • Feel free to ask questions, share your experiences or express your dissatisfaction in the comments.

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