PP2000 software for Peugeot

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PP2000 diagnostic software for Peugeot - Compatible with vehicles before 2006


Discover the PP2000 diagnostic software, specially designed for Peugeot vehicles older than 2006. This software allows you to perform essential diagnostic, coding and programming operations to maintain and repair your Peugeot vehicle with ease.

PP2000 software is compatible with Windows XP operating systems and can also be installed in a virtual machine for use on newer operating systems. It works perfectly with the classic Diagbox probe, ensuring smooth and efficient connectivity with your Peugeot vehicle.


PP2000 Features:

  • Complete diagnosis of electronic and mechanical systems of Peugeot vehicles before 2006.
  • Coding and programming of electronic modules.
  • Reading and clearing error codes.
  • Measurement of values ​​in real time.
  • Remote coding of the various vehicle modules.


Installation and Configuration:

PP2000 software is recommended to be installed on a Windows XP environment or on a compatible virtual machine. Make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements for optimal performance.



  • Compatible with the classic Diagbox probe for easy and quick connection.
  • Support for Peugeot models before 2006.


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    Transform your PC into a professional diagnostic tool and keep your Peugeot in perfect working order with PP2000 software. Order today and take advantage of all its advanced features.

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