VIVID Software 2018

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VIVID Software 2018

14,95€ 29,95€ -51% DISCOUNT

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Vivid Workshop Software (Stakis-Technik) V2018.1 - Multi-brand Automotive Technical Review (Pre-installed on Virtual Machine)

The software Vivid Workshop 2018 is much more than a simple automotive technical review, c'is the ultimate solution for auto repair professionals. It is a trusted companion for mechanics and automobile enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive, multilingual database containing detailed maintenance information, reparation, engine management and diagnostic for a wide range of vehicles, whether private or utility vehicles.

Easy and Immediate Installation:

With this solution pre-installed on a VirtualBox virtual machine, the installation of Vivid software 2018 is child's play. No need to worry about complex configurations or software compatibility. The included installation guide will walk you through each step, and you'll be ready to use the software in no time. Plus, you get an immediate download after purchase, allowing you to get started quickly.

Extended Compatibility:

Whether you are using Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 in 64 bits, the Vivid software 2018 will run smoothly on your operating system. So you don't have to worry about compatibility with your computer.

Languages: Multiple language support including English, German, Dutch, French, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, etc.

Advanced Features:

Vivid 2018 offers a multitude of features to simplify your tasksmaintenance as well as car repair. Here's an overview of what it allows you to do:

  • Guide for complete maintenance programs, with recommended intervals and detailed instructions.
  • Categorized for easy navigation through different sections, such as Motor, Brakes, Suspension, Gearbox, etc.
  • Reference and measurement data to help you make accurate diagnoses.
  • Procedures of resetting maintenance indicators to ensure accurate tracking of services performed.
  • Procedures of key programming as well as tire pressure monitoring system reset (TPMS) for complete management of safety and comfort systems.
  • Setting data such as parallelism, wheel alignment, tightening torques, valve clearance, compression pressure, etc.

Content of the Purchase:

By buying the Vivid Software 2018, you will receive a link from immediate download to access the most recent version of the software. Plus, the software comes pre-installed and activated on a VirtualBox virtual machine, meaning you can start using it as soon as you download it, without having to worry about installation or activation .


Le Vivid software 2018 is much more than just an auto repair tool. It is an essential companion for any mechanic or automotive enthusiast, offering advanced features in a user-friendly, easy-to-use format. With its wide compatibility, simple installation and rich content, it is the ideal tool to help you care for your vehicles and resolve mechanical issues with confidence.

vivid menu overview 2018
vivid menu overview 2018
vivid menu overview 2018
vivid menu overview 2018

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