TL866II Plus USB Programmer

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    TL866II Plus USB High Performance BIOS Flash EEPROM Programmer for ATMEL AVR ATMEGA AT90 PIC Gal SRAM CMOS


    The outstanding advantages of the TL866II PLUS programmer

    1. Simultaneous burning support with 4 programmers per computer
    2. The low power consumption of the box allows it to be used only with the power supply from the USB port.
    3. Better internal 40-pin overvoltage protection, the VCC/VPP 4-level overcurrent protection. Short circuits do not reset the PC.
    4. Wide range of 15000+ chips supported, support for large capacity 40/44/48PIN FLASH serial and parallel series
    5. Unique ICSP serial interface supporting serial download and high-speed parallel high-voltage programming. Note: TL866CS does not support ICSP
    6. Test CMOS4000 74/54 series IC.
    7. The automatic chip serial number is the most comprehensive and practical.
    8. Original chip encryption operation on AVR microcontroller with internal RC calibration byte. Decrypt software cannot be run directly on another same type of chip.

    >>List of TL866 II PLUS compatible devices<

    >> TL866 II PLUS user manual < 

    >> Download software MINIPRO TL866 II PLUS <


     tl866 comparison

    High speed programming


    This programmer features built-in MCU with high-performance and high-capacity USB interface with 12Mbps communication speed, in accordance with well-designed programming algorithm (for each chip) and high-speed USB communications. It is perhaps one of the fastest embedded development programmers, the speed has been optimized to meet the demands of efficient small-batch production.




    Ultra-low power consumption


    The entire programmer is equipped with ultra-low power chips and is powered by a USB interface. It is the first all-in-one programmer capable of programming all chips without using an external power supply. Their own power consumption is less than 65mA, and the programming power loss rate is less than 20%, which enables the programmer to supply the high programming electric current VCC VPP. A programmable chip can receive sufficient programming power (the highest programming power is 2 watts; it is impossible for a chip to use 2 watts of programming power). And after such a long period of constant work, one hardly notices the warmth of the programmer.




    Easily portable performance


    It is one of the smallest products in the world, with dimensions of 10CM*6CM*2.5CM (as small as a driver's license). Moreover, thanks to its very low power, you do not need to carry an external power supply, which makes it more portable.




    Programmable programming power supply


    VPP and VCC programming voltages are separately programmable: programmable VCC ranges from 1,8V to 6,5V; the programmable PPV ranges from 1,8V to 18V. Thanks to the multi-stage LC filter, the fluctuation of the power supply is minimal.




    Better overvoltage and overcurrent protection


    The VCC, VPP power supply of the programmer is equipped with independent grade 3 overcurrent protection and automatic power-off protection. VPP overvoltage protection is included in each pin of the 40-pin programming socket. It can successfully prevent the insertion of a chip in the wrong position or cause a short circuit for other reasons. In this case of programming, it can also prevent the high voltage VPP from returning to the internals of the programmer and damaging the device. Make sure that the programmer will not be damaged in the event of a short circuit in the worst case. Simultaneously, the programmable chip can be effectively protected.


    In the event of a short circuit, this programmer cuts off the VPP and VCC programming power supplies within 100 seconds and transmits a message to the application program. Thanks to the multi-level overcurrent protection, the programmer and the PC will not be reset in the event of a short circuit.




    40PIN universal connector


    It is the most adaptable of the near-universal 40PIN pins. When programming, there is no need to move or rotate the chip; just position the chip forward and the direction of the programmer handle matches the location of PIN1. Its design conforms to the user's typical operational habits.




    Upgrade function


    This programmer includes a built-in hardware firmware program upgrade function, which ensures that your programmer's firmware flash and application software are kept up to date. The upgrade can be done by downloading the upgrade program from the manufacturer's website.




    Second chip serial number development function


    This scheduler has a number of auto-dial functions that are frequently used. Thanks to the custom methodology, you can get any serial number using DLL dynamic link libraries. This feature allows each mass-produced chip to produce only one identifying information that can be encrypted by the proprietary algorithm. Therefore, you can successfully protect the rights of your customers.




    ICSP Unique Universal Serial Programming Interface


    This programmer has a universal 40-PIN socket for programming and an ICSP serial programming port. You can program some in-circuit serial programmable chips by selecting the ICSP port. The programming software contains a detailed instruction diagram for the ICSP port wiring approach. That is, you can program and update the chip which is soldered directly to the board.

    Note: ICSP can now program in-circuit the 24/25/93 series, ATMEL89S51, ATMEL89S52, AT45DBxxx, a whole series of ATMEGAxxx AVRs, MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12Fxxx 16Fxxx 18Fxxx, and a complete SYNCMOS SM59Dxx SM59Rxx series. The number of microcontrollers that can be programmed in circuit will continue to grow in the future. With the exception of a ground wire, all six ICSP wires in this programmer are fully functional I2C, SPI, and UART serial trunks, making it ideal for all types of serial communication. Additionally, each wire can deliver a high current to VCC, VPP, or GND.




    Functional Testing of 54/74F/LS/HC CMOS4000 Series ICs


    It is the first development programmer to test the common logic IC, and this test can find logic gate circuit faults as well as test all possible IC input combinations.




    Programmer self-test function


    This programmer can test itself on each pin of VPP, VCC, GND, and data I/O while performing an internal short circuit test on the current of VPP and VCC.




    One-to-one software encryption of the AVR microcontroller


    The AVR microcontroller includes RC calibration (calibration bytes). Only one of several chips can have the same byte value, and it cannot be changed. This value can be read by microcontroller software to detect if the code is being used by other chips. Through the use of a bespoke encryption method, it is possible to prevent people who decrypt chips for ulterior motives from using them directly. The encryption method is so complicated that decryption is difficult. However, "encryption" poses a dilemma for developers: since each chip is unique, it is difficult to manually calculate and compile the source code one by one if the technique is sophisticated.

    The developer can get the byte value of the chip using the dynamic DLL function, and then automatically calculate the encrypted data according to the request and store it in memory, which can achieve mass production efficiently. (A detailed encrypted instance of the ATMEGA8 is included in the installation package for your reference).




    Unified and convenient user interface


    The user interface is well-designed and follows the operating habits of the Windows software family. The built-in binary editor is on par with professional editing applications. You can immediately read, write and modify files in formats such as BIN, HEX and JED. Besides, it has complete and practical project mode, which makes mass production more convenient and safer.



    The package contains basic:


    1 x WINGONEER TL866II Plus Programmer

    1 x USB connection cable

    1x ICSP Cable

    1 x software CD


    + Adapters if chosen.