UTRAI 2000A - Starter booster

119,95€ 179,95€ -34% DISCOUNT

UTRAI 2000A - Starter booster

119,95€ 179,95€ -34% DISCOUNT

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UTRAI 2000A - Portable car starter (booster de battery), Powerful 20000mAh power bank (external battery) - Start your vehicle in seconds!


Never find yourself stuck with a dead battery again! The UTRAI 2000A is your all-in-one portable emergency solution for starting your car (emergency start), charge your electronic devices and illuminate your environment.


Start your engine with confidence

With a peak current of up to 2000A, the UTRAI 2000A is powerful enough to start most gasoline vehicles up to 8,0L and diesel vehicles up to 6,5L in seconds, even in cold weather (up to - 20°C). Say goodbye to difficult starts and stressful waits for roadside assistance.


Powerful 20000mAh portable power bank

More than just emergency starter, the UTRAI 2000A is also a portable power bank of 59.2 Wh (external battery), capable of fully charging your smartphone, tablet, camera or any other USB compatible device. Thanks to its 18W bi-directional fast output, you can quickly charge your devices at home or on the road.


Versatile and practical

The UTRAI 2000A is equipped with a power port for lighter 12V, allowing you to power various car accessories such as electric coolers or portable vacuum cleaners. There LED flashlight integrated with 3 modes (continuous lighting, SOS and strobe) provides a reliable light source in the event of an emergency or breakdown.


Security and reliability

The UTRAI 2000A features smart jump starters with 5 built-in safety protections, including reverse polarity, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and overheating protection. This ensures safe operation and prevents damage to your vehicle.


Key Features

  • Peak power: up to 2000A
  • Suitable for gasoline engines up to 8,0L and diesel engines up to 6,5L
  • External battery 20000mAh (59.2 Wh) laptop
  • 18W two-way fast output
  • Power port for lighter 12V
  • LED flashlight with 3 modes
  • Smart starter clamps with 5 safety protections
  • Operates in environments ranging from -20°C to 75°C


The UTRAI 2000A is the essential tool for any motorist. It gives you peace of mind knowing you can start your vehicle when needed and keep your electronic devices charged while on the go.

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