A4 (B6) – Remove belt alarm

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A4 (B6) – Remove belt alarm

Function to be activated via VCDS - VAG-COM software

Description of the option:

Used to suppress the audible alarm and the light on the speedometer when driving without the seat belt.

Attention: This modification does not work on all A4 (B6). On some European vehicles the seat belt alarm is already deactivated.

 [17 – Instruments] -> [Coding – 07] 

Option1: Replace the penultimate digit of the coding (00xxx?1) by 0.

Option2: (If the penultimate digit of the coding is already 0 ). To subtract 2 to the first two digits of the coding (00??xx1).

For example if the initial coding (with belt alarm) is: 03101 (therefore choice of option 2)

To remove the belt alarm, simply recode like this: 01101 (03 – 02 = 01)

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