A4 (B8) – Enable DRL (daytime running lights) via VCDS

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A4 (B8) – Enable DRL (daytime running lights) via VCDS

Function to be activated via VCDS - VAG-COM software

Description of the option:

Allows you to select the lights that will be used as daytime running lights (LED, fog lights, etc.)

[09 – Central Electricity] -> [Coding- 07] -> [Long Coding Wizard]

Byte 2: 
Bit 1: Check "Daytime Running Lights via Front Side Marker Lights active" (to activate the front turn signals)
Bit 2: Check “Daytime Running Lights via High Beams active” (to activate high beams)
Bit 3: Check “Daytime Running Lights via Fog Lights active” (to activate the fog lamps)
Bit 4: Check “Daytime Running Lights via DRL LEDs active” (to activate the front LEDs)
Bit 6: Check “Daytime Running Lights via Side Marker Lights active” (to activate side turn signals)
Bit 7: Check “Daytime Running Lights via Tail Lights active” (to activate the tail lights)

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