A4 (B8) Facelift – Enable Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

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A4 (B8) Facelift – Enable Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

Function to be activated via VCDS - VAG-COM software

Description of the option:

Enables tire pressure monitoring on the MMI and ODB.

ABS exists in 2 versions


1AT – ESP ready for TMPS and Hill Hold Assist
1AS – ESP not compatible

These specific codes can be found either in your service book or on a sticker in the boot near the spare wheel.


Step 1: Enable TPMS in MMI

The hidden menu must be enabled (Enable Hidden Menu)

Launch the Hidden Menu by pressing MENU + CAR (for 6s)


Select car > cardevicelist > Tire pressure control (RDK) > Check the box


Select car > carmenuoperation > Set the value 9


Select car > carbusassignment > Choose [CAN Komfort] 1/9


Reboot the MMI by pressing MENU + Wheel + Upper Right Button.



Step 2: Enable TPMS in ABS Module

[03 – ABS Brakes] -> [Security Access – 16] (61378) -> [Coding – 07] -> [Long Coding Wizard] 

Byte 1: 
Bit 3: Check “Tire Pressure Monitoring (PR-7K6) active”


If your coding is not accepted by the ABS Module, it means that it is not compatible with the TPMS. Undo the changes made in the MMI


Step 3: Enable TPMS in Instrument Module

[17 – Instruments] -> [Coding – 07] -> [Long Coding Wizard] 

Byte 4: 
Bit 0: Check “Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) installed”



Step 4: Store tire pressure in the MMI

CAR > Maintenance and checks > Tire pressure check > Store pressure



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