How to install DIAGBOX 9.68 to 9.129 (VMware)?

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diagbox 9.129 installation tutorial

DIAGBOX 9.68 / 9.91 / 9.96 / 9.125 / 9.129, all PSA + OPEL vehicles up to 2022


Find out how to install DIAGBOX 9.68 to 9.129 on VMware with our detailed guide. This page offers you a clear and simple step-by-step to configure your virtual environment and install the different versions of DIAGBOX. You'll learn the essential steps, from creating the virtual machine to installing the software, including system prerequisites and recommended settings. Follow our instructions to ensure successful installation of DIAGBOX, the essential tool for diagnosing and maintaining your vehicle. Optimize your user experience with our reliable and practical guide.



System compatible Bits 64 only: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac OS, Linux.

Make sure your computer supports virtualization.

Minimum configuration: Dual Core Processor with Virtualization (i3/i5 recommended), 3GB RAM (4GB+ recommended), 20GB Hard Disk


>> Click here to access the PSA Diagnostic Kit sheet

>> Click here to access only the PSA diagnostic software sheet


diagbox 2022 diagnosis peugeot citroen ds opel
diagbox aer 2022 diagnosis peugeot citroen ds opel
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Diagbox Installation Instructions:

Once the archive Diagbox (VMware) downloaded, you must extract (unzip) all its contents on your computer using the software WinRAR. Ideally, you can create a PSA folder in the C:\ drive to find everything in one place.

It is imperative not to open the software still in the archive, it will not work.


extract vmware diagbox files

First, you will install the VMware Workstation Player software..

Download VMware 17.5 for Windows 8, 10, 11 and Linux

Or VMware 15 for Windows 7


VMware Workstation Player will allow you to simulate the computer of DIAGBOX diagnosis.

The installation is identical or very close between version 15, 16 or 17.


install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware
install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware



Remember to check the “Enhanced Keyboard Driver” box to optimize keyboard feature support.

install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware


Then uncheck the following two boxes: “Check for product updates on startup” and “Join the WMware customer experience”.

Complete the installation then choose to restart your computer.


install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware

install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware

To be able to start DIAGBOX from your desktop, do the following:

Once the computer restarts, go back to the PSA folder and create a desktop shortcut of the "VM_Diagbox_9.91.vmx" by Right Clicking > Send To > Desktop (Creates a shortcut)

Open this new shortcut on your desktop.

If you get a message saying “This app may not work properly”, tap on “Run the program without help”


install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware
install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware


The VMware software launches, click on OPEN A VIRTUAL MARCHINE.

Locate your previously extracted DIAGBOX 9.XX folder.

Open "VM_Diagbox_9.XXX.vmx" (VMX file only).

open vmware diagbox partition

The score launches.

Choose the option I Moved It » to transfer software activation.

install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware


Install WMWare Tools updates if requested to support mouse drivers, keyboards, etc.

install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware

Once on the new desktop, plug in your Diagbox interface to your PC.

The computer automatically recognizes the probe and displays a message asking you if you wish to connect this device to the host (your PC) or to the VM (Diagbox), you will therefore have to choose “ Virtual Machine » otherwise it will not work, you can also check the “Remember my choice” box for the following times before validating.


install diagbox 9.91 9.68 9.96 vmware


To resolve problems connecting the probe to Diagbox, it must connect to the virtual machine and not to the PC. To configure this, here is the procedure:
diagbox connection
Then you must also check that your probe is correctly detected through the virtual machine's Device Manager and activate of the probe with the PSA Interface Checker software.
diagbox probe update


You can now run Diagbox !


Thanks to the software PSA Interface Checker you can update your transducer software to make it compatible with the latest versions provided.



Required condition : 

Enable virtualization on your PC if this message appears:

enable vmware virtualization 

-> How to enable virtualization?


Enable virtualization in BIOS:

Concerning the error message which indicates that the virtualization function of your computer is disabled to launch the VMWare software.

To fix this, please follow these steps:

1. Enter BIOS:

- Restart your computer.
- During reboot, press the appropriate key to enter BIOS. This key may vary depending on your computer manufacturer (usually it's F2, F10, F12, or Del).
- If you do not know the key, you can search on the internet using your computer model.

2. Locate the virtualization function:

Once in the BIOS, look for an option related to virtualization. This option may be called "Intel Virtualization Technology (VT)" for Intel processors, or "AMD-V" for AMD processors.

3. Enable the virtualization function:

If the virtualization feature is disabled, change the option to enable it.
Save the changes and exit BIOS. This step may also vary depending on your computer's BIOS, but generally you can do this by selecting "Save & Exit" or a similar option.

4. Restart your computer:

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
After following these steps, please restart the software and check if the problem persists.

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