CAN Clip V231 for Renault - Dacia

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CAN Clip V231 for Renault - Dacia

€209,95 €239,95 -13% DISCOUNT

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CAN Clip is a complete diagnostic tool compatible for RENAULT and DACIA vehicles.



The diagnostic software is:

  • CAN-Clip V231 is the latest compatible and stable software for the new NEW VCI probes for all Renault and Dacia vehicles from 2005-2006 until September 2023, works under Windows 7, 10, 11 in 32 and 64 bits.


>> Click here to access only the Can Clip V231 software sheet

>> Click here to access the Can CLIP V192 probes, for use without a token


  • New VCI: Normal design and new generation. Wifi and wired. Compatible Version V220 to V231. Not compatible for vehicles before 2005-2006.


CAN Clip V231 diagnostic kit for Renault - Dacia


    Diagnosis is carried out via the OBD2 connector (which is near the steering wheel) or via the manufacturer-specific connector (only for older cars, pre-2001).

    Unlike other tools universal diagnosis which only read fault codes or generic functions, this software performs almost ALL the functions of the original diagnostic tool of the dealership.

    The only missing functions are online operations requiring access to the brand's servers.

    May require a Renault token for the diagnosis of vehicles after 2017 (possibility of installing a version prior to V195 of 2020 to resolve this restriction).

    >> Click here to access the Can CLIP V192 probes, for use without a token

    Please note that the default version of CAN Clip CD is V220, we will send you a download link for the latest version (V231) which cannot fit on a single CD.


    This version of CAN Clip will allow you to perform the following operations:

    • Reading and erasing error codes
    • Reading of settings (recording and graphic visualization)
    • Testing actuators
    • Configuring calculators
    • Coding (injectors, electronic valves, rim size, equipment level, etc.)
    • calibration and self-study (calibration of the oil change interval, replacement of the EGR valve, DPF, etc.)
    • Reset of maintenance indicators
    • Etc


    You can communicate with the following calculators:

    • Diesel/gasoline injection
    • Automatic gearbox
    • UCH
    • ABS / ESP
    • Airbag
    • Air conditioner
    • Dashboard
    • Comfort systems
    • Power steering
    • Driven suspension
    • Etc


    Motor :

    • Engine ECU diagnostics
    • Diagnostics of the injection computer (diesel, gasoline, flex-fuel, gas, etc.)
    • Programming of injectors
    • EGR Valve Calibration


    • Diagnosis of ABS and ESP computers
    • Diagnosis and maintenance of the parking brake
    • Bleeding brake system


    • Diagnosis and regeneration of the particulate filter
    • Adblue module control
    • Electronic control of pollutant emissions
    • Lambda probe check

    Maintenance :

    • Reset/initialization of the maintenance/emptying counter
    • Bleeding of different fluids (brakes, cooling)
    • Read/erase motor faults
    • Maintenance of the particle filter

    Air conditioner :

    • Complete diagnosis of the electronic and mechanical system
    • Reading the parameters of the cooling circuit
    • Order testing

    Ground connection :

    • Electronic tire size configuration
    • Electronic tire configuration (winter/summer)
    • Tire pressure adjustment
    • Configuration of electronic valves
    • Calibration of the steering wheel angle sensor (initialization of the steering angle)

    Security :

    • Activation of the safety airbags (locking/unlocking)
    • Configuration of a new airbag computer
    • Diagnosis of airbag computers
    • Rain Sensor Setup
    • Configuration of automatic lighting of lights
    • Activation of xenon headlights
    • Activation of the reversing radar

    Equipment :

    • double dice
    • Radio activation
    • CD changer setup
    • Alarm activation/configuration
    • Hitch configuration
    • Bike hitch configuration


    Language supported by CAN Clip:

    Austrian, Belgian, English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Swiss, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, etc.

    Your PC must be of the same language. For example: you want the Polish language, your PC must be in Polish. 


    Installation tips:

    • When you install any of the software, turn off your anti-virus and firewall, otherwise the files may be corrupted or deleted.
    • When you connect the device to the car, please make sure the car voltage is above 13V.
    • Do not install two different versions on the same computer, this may corrupt the probe. Be sure to properly uninstall an older version before installing a new one.


    Installation procedure :

    • Installation video available.


    Contents of the CAN CLIP package:

       1 x diagnostic interface

       1 x 16 pin OBD II cable

       1 x câble USB

       1 x V220 CD (V231 download)


     interface can clip reading vin renault diagnostic dacia

    interface can clip reading vin renault diagnostic dacia

    interface can clip reading vin renault diagnostic dacia

    interface can clip reading vin renault diagnostic dacia

    interface can clip reading vin renault diagnostic dacia

    interface can clip reading vin renault diagnostic dacia


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