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    L'USB/Bluetooth/Wifi OBD2 diagnostic interface turns your computer or mobile phone into a real car diagnostic tool!
    Interface enables diagnostics engine et transmission simple on OBD2 vehicles.

    Features and functionality

    The diagnostic interface ELM327 communicates with your vehicle's engine and transmission systems to access diagnostic data. You can display the fault codes to detect any faults.

    This multi-brand interface allows you to:

    • Read fault codes from your vehicle's engine ECU
    • Erase fault codes
    • turn it off engine light (if the problem causing the light to come on is solved)
    • Display motor parameter values ​​in real time (temperature, torque, etc.)

    USB or WiFi or Bluetooth connection

    L'USB diagnostic interface plugs directly into your Windows PC
    L'Wi-Fi diagnostic interface connects to your Apple devices (iPhone and iPad)
    L'Bluetooth diagnostic interface connects to your Android tablet/smartphone and Windows PC

    You can then download software compatible with the interface to enter diagnostics with your vehicle.

    You can choose the application: "EOBD-Facile" (10 euros), "Torque" (15 euros) or others on Android and IOS.

    On PC it is recommended to use ScanMaster-ELM.

    Simple. Effective

    The operation of theUSB diagnostic interface is instinctive. This tool is intended for individuals, you do not need to have advanced technical knowledge to use it. Simply plug it into your vehicle's diagnostic socket, usually located around the steering wheel.

    Connect the tool to your vehicle's diagnostic socket and to your computer via USB or wirelessly on your smartphone and start the diagnosis!


    The diagnostic interface is compatible with all vehicles that comply with the OBD2 standard

    • All vehicles ESSENCE from January 2001
    • All vehicles DIESEL from January 2004
    • All vehicles UTILITIES et LPG from January 2007


    Contents of the package:

    1* ELM327 WiFi or USB or BT Scanner