VAG OBD2 Scanner Software 23.3

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Software EN + FR MULTILANGUAGE software

VAG OBD2 Scanner Software 23.3

€11,95 €29,95 -61% DISCOUNT


Software EN + FR MULTILANGUAGE software

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VAG OBD2 Scanner software for Diagnosis and Programming VAG Group



Buy VAG 2 OBD2022 Scanner


The diagnostic software is works under all versions of Windows in 32 or 64 bits

Software version according to languages:

  • French 23.3
  • French 23.3.1
  • English 23.3.1
  • Italian 23.3.1
  • English 23.3.1
  • Polish 23.3.1
  • Portuguese 23.3.1
  • Russia 23.3.1
  • Danish 23.3.1
  • Dutch 23.3.1
  • Swedish 23.3.1
  • Hungarian 23.3.1
  • Romanian 23.3.1
  • CZ 22.3


      These versions of the VAG OBD2 Scanner software will allow you to do the following:

      • Reading and erasing error codes
      • Reading of settings (recording and graphic visualization)
      • Testing actuators
      • Configuring calculators
      • Coding (injectors, electronic valves, rim size, equipment level, etc.)
      • calibration and self-study (calibration of the oil change interval, replacement of the EGR valve, DPF, etc.)
      • Reset of maintenance indicators
      • Etc


      You can communicate with the following calculators:

      • Diesel/gasoline injection
      • Automatic gearbox
      • UCH
      • ABS / ESP
      • Airbag
      • Air conditioner
      • Dashboard
      • Comfort systems
      • Power steering
      • Driven suspension
      • Etc



      This software, coupled with the probe, allows you to carry out the engine diagnosis on all brands of the group Volkswagen AG. (Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda).


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