How to install AUTOCOM 2020.23?

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How to install AUTOCOM 2020.23?

How to install AUTOCOM 2020.23 diagnostic software for DS150E


Release 2020.23 R3


Discover this AUTOCOM multi-brand diagnostic software, pre-installed on a virtual machine for easy and quick use.

This solution combines the power of multi-brand automotive diagnostics with the convenience of a preconfigured virtual machine. No more worrying about complex installations or hardware compatibilities. This software is ready to use as soon as you download it.

With this preloaded virtual machine, you can instantly access a full suite of diagnostic tools for a wide range of vehicles, all in a secure and isolated virtual environment. No more hassle with configuration or software conflicts. Simply launch the virtual machine and start diagnosing your vehicle's problems.


Download and install tutorial.



autocom extraction


  • Open the VM Ware 17 software, click "Open a Virtual Machine", then are looking the CDP 2020.23 or AUTOCOM 2020.23 file.


choice vm autocom


  • Inside you will find a single file named "2020.23.vmx". Click on it once to open it. You will then see the partition added to the VMware software.
  • Launch the virtual machine by pressing "Play virtual machine".


autocom launch 2020


  • When prompted, select "I moved it" to avoid any subsequent activation problems.


i moved it installation autocom 2020


  • Welcome to the virtual office, where you will find the software AUTOCOM Car and Truck.


office autocom 2020


  • Configure the software to connect USB ports to the virtual machine rather than the main computer.


usb not detected autocom 2020.23
  • You can now update your probe to ensure compatibility with the new software.


autocom main menu 2020

autocom VCI update

VCI autocom 2020.23 update menu


  • Enjoy!


Required condition : 

Enable virtualization on your PC if this message appears:

enable vmware virtualization 

-> How to enable virtualization?

 Enable virtualization in BIOS:

Concerning the error message which indicates that the virtualization function of your computer is disabled to launch the VMWare software.

To fix this, please follow these steps:

1. Enter BIOS:

- Restart your computer.
- During reboot, press the appropriate key to enter BIOS. This key may vary depending on your computer manufacturer (usually it's F2, F10, F12, or Del).
- If you do not know the key, you can search on the internet using your computer model.

2. Locate the virtualization function:

Once in the BIOS, look for an option related to virtualization. This option may be called "Intel Virtualization Technology (VT)" for Intel processors, or "AMD-V" for AMD processors.

3. Enable the virtualization function:

If the virtualization feature is disabled, change the option to enable it.
Save the changes and exit BIOS. This step may also vary depending on your computer's BIOS, but generally you can do this by selecting "Save & Exit" or a similar option.

4. Restart your computer:

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
After following these steps, please restart the software and check if the problem persists.


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