How to install AUTOCOM 2020.23

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How to install AUTOCOM 2020.23

AUTOCOM 2020.23 diagnostic software for DS150E


Release 2020.23 R3


The last software 2020.23, allows you to operate your tool Autocom DS150E. With a total of 69 different car brands and 77 different truck brands, it is the best car diagnostic software of the market.

FLIGHT RECORDER: With the flight recorder function, you can record parameters in real time while driving a vehicle

VOLTAGE MONITORING: When the CDP+ is connected to the vehicle, the unit checks the vehicle's battery voltage and automatically adapts to the vehicle's voltage level, either 12 or 24 volts


In the software for cars, a smart function allows you to read the chassis number of the vehicle you want to diagnose. Thus, the model and the year are automatically selected. In addition, the engine code of vehicles, generally available on the market, is also selected automatically.

 The AUTOCOM 2020 software runs on a virtual machine, i.e. you simply have to launch a Windows partition where the software is already installed and activated. Much simpler and more reliable.


Download and install tutorial.

autocom extraction

  • Open VM Ware 16 software, click "Open a Virtual Machine", then find the unzipped CDP 2020.23 or AUTOCOM 2020.23 folder.

choice vm autocom

  • Inside you will find a single file "2020.23.vmx", click once on it and open.


  • At this time you will see the partition being added to the VMware software.
  • Just launch by pressing "Play virtual machine".

autocom launch 2020

  • Then press "I moved it" and not on the others, otherwise an activation problem will occur.

i moved it installation autocom 2020

  • Welcome to the desktop, here you will find the AUTOCOM Car and Truck software.

office autocom 2020

  • Configure the software to connect the USB ports to the virtual machine and not to the PC.
usb not detected autocom 2020.23
  • You can update your probe to be able to use it with the new software.

autocom main menu 2020

autocom VCI update

VCI autocom 2020.23 update menu

  • Enjoy!


Required condition : 

Enable virtualization on your PC if this message appears:

enable vmware virtualization 

-> How to enable virtualization?



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