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OPCOM 2021 200603a Car Diagnostic Opel Saab chevrolet
OPCOM V1.95 89,95€ 102,95€
OPCOM 1.95 - Professional Diagnostic Tool for Opel and Vauxhall. OPCOM 1.95 is a professional diagnostic tool specially designed for Opel vehicles. With its integrated 2021 software, it offers a complete solution for diagnosing and fixing electronic problems on a wide range of Opel models, including the most recent ones. The OPCOM diagnostic software is: OPCOM 2021 200603a, which supports vehicles from 2011 to 2021 and works under all versions of Windows in 32 or 64 bits and is compatible with the OPCOM 1.95 probe only. Buy only OPCOM 2021 software here. OPCOM Diagnostic Tool Compatibility: OPCOM 1.95 equipped with Real PIC18F458 chip is fully compatible with OPCOM 2021 software (version 200603a). It allows reading and clearing fault codes, viewing real-time data and performing output tests on various control modules including engine, transmission, ABS and airbags. OPCOM Diagnostic Tool Functions: This diagnostic tool is essential for automotive professionals and mechanical enthusiasts. It offers a user-friendly interface to quickly diagnose electronic problems, saving time and money by avoiding costly visits to the dealership. Language supported by the OPCOM diagnostic tool: OPCOM 1.95 is only compatible with the software in English. Installation Tips: Installing the OPCOM 1.95 diagnostic tool is quick and easy. Carefully follow the instructions provided in the installation video and on the included CD for a trouble-free setup. Purchase Contents: Purchase includes: OPCOM 1.95 diagnostic tool equipped with Real PIC18F458 chip OPCOM 2021 software version 200603a Enjoy the power and reliability of the OPCOM 1.95 diagnostic tool to effectively resolve electronic problems of your Opel vehicle, without hassle or complications. /!\ It is important to note that we are not responsible for any misuse of tools, software or files. We take no responsibility for any damage caused to your ECU if wrong files are used or an error is made!  
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Tactrix Openport 2.0: Flashing tool for Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles
Openport 2.0 79,95€ 169,95€
Tactrix Openport 2.0: Flashing Tool for Subaru and Mitsubishi Vehicles Discover the Tactrix Openport 2.0 chiptuning tool, state-of-the-art hardware for communication with most OBDII-compliant vehicles via a standard J2534 interface. Combined with EcuFlash software, OpenPort 2.0 is capable of reprogramming a large number of Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles, with ongoing support for other cars. Each OpenPort comes with a USB cable, all the hardware you'll need unless you have one of the few vehicles that requires a separate reprogramming adapter. For Subaru you will only need an adapter for 2001-2005 WRX models, but not for STi's unless you are working on an older non-USDM STi for which you may need an adapter WRX. No other Subaru vehicles require reprogramming adapters, including naturally aspirated Forester, Baja, Legacy or Impreza models. For Mitsubishi you will need the adapter for most pre-CAN vehicles including the 5-9 Evo. Warnings regarding use of the tool: Do not use ECUFLASH software online. If machine blocking is caused by online use, we are not responsible. This tool is a copy made in China, it cannot be updated online. Delivery from France. Please disconnect the Internet when using it, otherwise the device will be damaged. System requirements: Windows XP / Win 7 32-bit. Technical details: 32-bit 72 MHz processor Full speed USB 2.0 device (USB-A/Mini cable included) Field upgradeable software Supports the following major OBD protocols: CAN 2.0 (CAN/ISO15765) K-line (ISO9141/ISO14230) (KWP2000)/Dual K Line) J2534 PassThru support with Windows DLL Standalone data logs on microSD/microSDHC card without laptop Ability to apply GND or 5V-25V to OBD pins 1,3,9,11,12,13, 2,5 or 2,5mm stereo AUX connector Can record from Innovate Motorsports' 12mm stereo MTS data bus RGB status LEDs Supports 7 volt vehicles Openport runs Windows XP and Windows 32 in XNUMX-bit uniquely. Language: English (no French) / !\ It is important to note that we are not responsible for any misuse of tools, software or files. We take no responsibility for any damage caused to your ECU if wrong files are used or an error is made!

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