Affiliate and partnership program AUTODIAG-France

You too can have a piece of the cake at AUTODIAG-France

AUTODIAG-France provides you with a personal dashboard, on which you can create your own affiliate links, and also have a summary of your earnings.
  • Step 1 - Enter your email and officially become a Partner
  • Step # 2 - Recover your affiliate links on your Dashboard
  • Step # 3 - Start promoting our site and accumulate your commissions 


Your interest is:


  • 1) Simple and generous Affiliate Program (10% per sale)
  • 2) Dashboard, Affiliate Links et Discount code Custom
  • 3) Complete catalog of diagnostic and programming tools
  • 4) Secure and automated payments (Paypal or Bank Transfer)


Am I eligible?


Of course you are website owner, blogger, influencer, client, … you have the right to participate in the adventure.

You can use your affiliate links at once to promote our products via:

  • Blog Articles
  • Advertising Banners
  • Email
  • Social Networks
  • Etc. ..

At AUTODIAG-France, we want to leave a total freedom to our partners. We provide you with everything you will need to recommend us to your friends/followers/visitors. Then, you are free to promote our products as you wish. No matter your experience, you can start making money today!


How long does the partnership last?

Partnerships have no limits and are non-binding. You stay as long as you want.

If you wish to resign from your position, send an e-mail to the following address: